When construction began in 1959, Champion Lanes had 48 Duck pin lanes. In 1962, 10 Ten pin lanes were added and in 1985 another 19 lanes were added for a total of 77.

M. Burcovitch, the first manager of Champion Lanes, was replaced in 1964 by Quebec bowling star Guy Bolduc. The television star, who now has more than 40 years of service, is Champion Lanes’ ambassador.
Years later in 1997, always at the forefront of technology, Champion Lanes purchased a new electronic scoring system to simplify score keeping for their customers. Bowling became more enjoyable due to this simple system offered in 12 languages to facilitate communication.

In 2001, continuing in its quest for innovation, Champion Lanes transformed 10 Duck pin lanes into 10 Ten pin lanes for a total of 57 Duck pin lanes and 20 Ten pin lanes.

Champion Lanes strives to offer the best service: in 2003, they purchased 57 new Duck pin pinsetters.

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